To qualify for a FREE amplified phone, you must be:

  •      A permanent Florida resident
  •      At least 3 years old
  •      Have a land line or cell phone
  •      Be certified as having a hearing loss or speech impairment

How to Borrow Equipment: 
1)  Click below to download the FTRI application. If you prefer to have the application emailed to you, please call 239-461-0334 (ext. 3) or email

2)  An audiologist or other approved professional must certify your FTRI application. (See application for details.) 

3) Bring your certified application to the DHHC office during business hours. To receive equipment in 
Cape Coral or Naples, please call 239-461-0334 (ext. 3) or email: for an appointment. 

The Deaf & Hard of Hearing Center provides Florida Telecommunications Relay Inc. (FTRI) distribution services for residents of Lee, Collier, Hendry, Charlotte, and Glades Counties.Florida residents who are hard of hearing, deaf, deaf/blind, or speech impaired may borrow phone equipment (volume/tone control phones, TTYs, and increased volume/visual phone signalers) on a long-term basis at no charge to the consumer. 
Our specialized telephones may help you end the frustration of having to ask people to repeat themselves or make your phone calls for you. To alert you when the phone rings, we also offer specialized ring signaling devices.  This equipment is loaned AT NO CHARGE as long as needed to residents who qualify.

Have phone questions? Please call 239-461-0334 (ext. 3) or email: 

If you would like us to present at your next meeting or distribute phones at your location, please contact us.


Download an application to receive a free phone at no charge. 

FTRI_Application (pdf)


FTRI Free Phones Available





 Cellphone At Home® allows you to make calls with and without a landline connection. Pair up to two (2) Bluetooth- enabled cellphones, and enjoy using the familiar cordless phone with your cellphone service.

Hear Loud and Clear with digital amplification up to 50 decibels and four (4) tone settings for all your phone calls at home – both cellphone and residential. 





 • Cellphone At Home® allows you to make calls with or without a landline connection
• Pair up to two (2) Bluetooth® phones, headsets or accessories
• Patented Clarity Power™ technology clearly amplifies incoming sounds up to 40dB 

 • Adjustable tone control
• Digital Answering Machine 

 • Large, easy-to-use keypad
• Hearing aid compatible 





Enjoy loud and clear phone conversations!
HearAll cell phone amplifier operates as a cordless handset or speakerphone with up to 40dB of amplification to ensure you hear every phone conversation with ease and clarity.

  • Pairs to any Bluetooth cell phone
  • Special T-Coil Mode sends clear, crisp sound direct to your T-Coil Hearing Aids without annoying cell phone static/interference.


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· Big Button Amplified Corded Phone

· Amplified Volume - Up To 53dB

· Amplified Ringer - Up To 100dB

· Hearing Aid Compatible

· Speakerphone

· 10 One-Touch Memory Buttons

· Visual Ringer

· T-coil Technology

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Share the big news

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  •  Ring signaler offers up to 95dB with various tone levels
  • Bright strobe flashes along with signal tone to attract your attention
  • Jack for optional ClearSounds SHK Vibrating Pad
  • Built-in dual modular phone jack for easy installation

Captel 840Plus

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  • Captions are provided by a free operator service that connects to the call.
  • Calls you make are automatically connected to the Captioning Operator Service to provide captions.
  • Incoming callers dial the operator first, then enter your phone number in order for you to get captions.
  • Built in Answering Machine
  • Adjustable font sizes and colors
  • Phone book to store frequently called numbers.